All of the big names in the trucking industry: Trailers Trucks

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Don’t trust your livelihood to just anyone? Truckers Insurance Services has built a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability since the Palmos family got into the business 30 years ago. We know how tough it is to make a living as a trucker, and we have customized packages that offer flexible coverage and value-added services….

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We have a new name and a new look and we’re offering more diversified financial services than ever before. And now we also serve truckers in New Jersey!

What we haven’t changed are the dedication, attention to detail and personal service that you have come to expect from a family-owned, independent insurance firm that has been helping truckers in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland for more than 30 years. All of the best things about Kennett Insurance Services, Inc., remain in place.

We’re growing and adapting new technologies to meet the needs of professional truckers. We’ll go the extra mile to get you the best possible insurance coverage at the most affordable rates.